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When Katina and I fled the area from the threats, and dangers, of my father, it gave us the distance we could operate safely from, in a place with trusted loved ones. We talked/fought/cried over what our next options were? What plans do we make next for our lives? The biggest thing we wanted? To no longer live in fear for ourselves and family.

So a legitimate, and realistic option emerged, just walking away and starting over. Selling everything we had and moving somewhere else, walking away from all our friends, contacts, business and home.

All of this and more we were ready to just leave behind to choose the ‘Left Option’ and live a life of love, happiness, without fear. Katina and I discussed in detail, this option of starting over. She said, “So what! We live in a studio apartment for what?!… A year!?”

She was correct it would take a year of hard work, networking, and a little luck. In a years time, she and I would be back where we were, to the life we had before just in another location. That entire year I would hear Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris voices echoing in my head, as they are currently singing ‘This is us’.

Just a year is all it would take if this is the option we choose. Home is where the heart is after all!

So I sit by my fire, back home again, thinking about how close I was to pull that trigger. To lose everything we have built, walk away and start over. I realize now as I knew then, that losing everything and starting over with my amazing wife is nothing to be scared of!

So thank you, Dad,

For giving me nothing to lose! Your shenanigans just gave me the knowledge of knowing I can start over if I had too. The risk you imposed, showed that my wife cares more about us and our family, then herself, let alone any material possessions.

You showed me I married a woman that will fight with and for me. I have a partner that will always move forward with me, no matter which way the road twists and turns.
Thank you, Dad, for allowing me to understand I have nothing to lose and everything to gain with Katina by side, even during the worst of times, we will always be better.
I am no longer afraid of the unknown, for it holds only better for me.
Fuck you very much pops! Fuck you very much!