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Got the last of his items we were in possession of, moved to storage today. It is curious on how much emotional power an innate item can hold. Katina looked relieved to have all his paperwork out of her office. She verified this to me by saying so, “I am happy to get his shit of our house!”

I feel the same way it just feels good to no longer have to look at it, or move it, or walk around it. I guess it is similar to cleaning up a stubborn stain that has been in your kitchen sink for years. One day you finally find that cleaning product and the right amount of elbow grease to remove the stain. It feels good, great even, to no longer have that stain to look at, or deal with. A sense of accomplishment and progress, progress feels so good to have.

All of his paperwork is moved to the storage shed now, tomorrow I will deliver the key to the lawyer, so they give to my father his property. Tomorrow will be a great day to clean up some more stains he has left behind, making our world a little brighter.

“Alexa, add bleach and Clorox wipes to the shopping list!”